PastorPak FAQs

How do I use PastorPaks?
PastorPaks include JPEG files suitable for screen and/or printing. You can use the files to create whatever items you want. If you only want a background for PowerPoint, just use that files to load in your presentation software. Use only what you need. We also can provide you with high quality printing at low prices. See the "Save money on printing" link at the top of the page.

What is included in a PastorPak?
See the "Specifications" page for a complete list.

Want to save money on printing?
We've partnered with Mustard Seed Studio to offer you great rates and high quality on postcard and banner printing and more. Call a Mustard Seed Studio Customer Service Representative today to get quotes and more information. Mustard Seed Studio also offers complete nationwide mailing services, including mailing lists and delivery to your Post Office. Click on the logo to visit Mustard Seed Studio.

Can I modify the Paks?
You can use any popular photo manipulation software, Microsoft Publisher to modify the files. Add your logo or any other information you like.

Can PastorPaks customize or modify a Pak?
Yes, see the "Customize your Paks" link at the top of the page.

How often do you add new PastorPaks?
We add fresh designs on a monthly basis. Sign up for our PastorPak Update to receive notifications and previews of new Paks.

Can I get a discount if I only want one item in the Pak?
No, we've priced our Paks economically enough that even one item in the Pak is worth the price.